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Integrated Logistics Management
Logistics Management Services provides clients with innovative logistics and supply chain management solutions. Closed-loop material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning and distribution requirements management create efficient processes for industry best practices.

The effective integration and exploitation of 21st Century technology is a well-placed investment in today’s global market. The best management practices and processes can significantly improve a government agency’s operational effectiveness. LSI is the firm that will ensure your investment is well placed.

LSI employs a unique combination of experienced staff members, effective analytical and implementation tools, and new technologies to increase service levels, reduce costs, and improve performance. LSI offers a full range of logistics analysis and consulting services on such topics as cost analysis, asset tracking, distribution management, inventory management, logistics systems analysis, logistics concepts, multinational logistics, product sourcing, and supportability assessments.

LSI’s focus in logistics management includes the following areas:

  • Logistics Management Consulting
  • Strategic, Operational and Tactical Logistics Transformation Management Consulting
  • Logistics Program & Project Management
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Management
  • Logistics Systems Engineering, Procurement, Assets and Inventory Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering/Improvement (BPR)
  • Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) and Performance Based Logistics (PBL) in support of Program Managers (PM) in the Weapon Systems Life Cycle Management under DoD Instruction 5000.2
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Wholesale and Retail Management
  • Warehouse Operations and Distribution Management
  • Logistics Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System Implementation and Inventory Management

Life Cycle Support
LSI’s logistics and acquisition professionals provide post-production and deployment support to help our customers plan and implement life cycle management support for today’s complex military systems. In providing these services, our professionals are guided by the requirements of DoD Directive 5000.1 and DoD Instruction 5000.2, as well as the policy and procedural requirements of the individual military services and their organizational components.

Life cycle planning is an extremely complex process, requiring expertise in numerous disciplines, including logistics and acquisition management, but also system engineering, configuration management, data management, and financial management. From a logistics perspective, life cycle management must address all of the elements of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) while working within the larger sphere of systems operations and supportability. LSI’s life cycle professionals are typically Level III certified in both logistics and acquisition management and therefore have the capability to provide tremendous value to our customers and their programs.

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